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When we ask parents what they hope for when they bring their children to our school,
they often say they want...

  • to instill in them a way of looking at the world that's informed by Jewish values.
  • to give them the experience of being part of a community.
  • to help them gain a sense of where they came from, and a connection to that heritage.

Our goal is to give our children these gifts — their inheritance — by empowering and enabling them to engage meaningfully with their Jewish heritage, their own Jewish community, and with a set of values rooted in their Jewish tradition. And because we want them to receive those gifts with the blessings and joy with which they are intended, we focus our efforts on creating an environment for learning, exploration, and celebration.

And also...

We believe in "breaking out of the box," empowering our students to be creative thinkers and future leaders, wrestling with Torah and tradition. Our students aren't relegated to sitting behind desk. At Temple Isaiah, learning is interactive and transformative, whether on-site at a homeless shelter or navigating the Jewish web, building homes in New Orleans or relationships within our own community.

On this site, you'll find descriptions of our program, details about when we meet, how to pay tuition, and how to get answers to questions and concerns. And though we try to paint a picture on our school blog of just how different our school is, the only way to truly get a sense is to see it for yourself.

This is your invitation to be part of what's next: please visit, ask questions, and partner in our community's commitment to building a rich and vibrant Jewish future.

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