Rabbi Sharon Sobel

Stony Brook, NY

Rabbi Sobel has been blogging (using the WordPress.com platform) since 2013, and she was ready for a change. She wanted a site redesign and a “brand” refresh, but she also brought us a unique challenge: to help conceptualize and then implement a design for a site that’s a blog, a sermon archive, a photo/video gallery, and a collection of recipes… all in one. To address her need for a site that does all those things well, we developed a WordPress-based system that utilizes a bespoke set of custom post types and templates for recipes, photo/video posts, and sermons. We customized the flow of dynamic content so that when Rabbi Sobel adds new content, everything automatically shows up in its intended place. Then we transitioned all the content (including the subscriber list) from her old WordPress.com site, and transferred the domain name to work with her new self-hosted site.
Of course, like all our sites, this one features responsive design that looks fantastic on desktop and mobile platforms (and fully conforms to Google’s responsive guidelines). The site is online at http://rabbisharonsobel.com.



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